OCR – obstacle racing

Obstacle course racing (OCR) is a sport known since 1987. In the race competitors, traveling on foot, must overcome various physical challenges known as obstacles. Races vary in length of courses and with level of obstacle difficulty. Courses may include climbing over walls or up ropes, monkey bars, carrying or moving heavy objects, aiming, traversing bodies of water or mud, and jumping through fire. It’s the most versatile sport for sure!

Aiming obstacle for OCR!

Not every race has a laser shooting obstacle, but we can assure you, when we are involved, it’s a real game changer. Calming your nerves, controlling your breathing and pulse in order to successfully aim takes a different type of focus. That’s why we call it a mental obstacle.

World Obstacle, the Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles (FISO) is the international governing body for obstacle racing and related sports, representing the needs of adventure racers, ninja athletes and obstacle course racers worldwide. It is an independent association consisting of national member federations and their athletes in more than 120 countries.

The sport has grown in popularity and there are more than 2500 events held annually across the world. Ecoaims has been part of several races in the USA and Europe since 2016 supplying the shooting obstacles for the course.


The laser Pistol for Obstacle Racing:

P3EXP aiming device is perfect for obstacle racing. Designed and manufactured by Ecoaims with precision and attention to detail.

Used by many different athlete groups from beginner to professional as well as many government agencies, the P3EXP is a robust and simple way to train and compete at many levels of sport.  The Ecoaims P3EXP is the official optical aiming device of choice by the World Obstacle Federation and official product supplier for Spartan Events Worldwide.


Short description:

  • Ready Trigger, no loading lever
  • Laser marked aiming sights
  • Robust and Durable
  • Trigger weight 800g
  • Over 250000 shots or 3 years of battery life (estimated).
  • Replaceable CR2032 batteries
  • Battery level light indicator
  • Designed and produced in Finland by Ecoaims.

P3EXP Pistol with case (OCR official)

About Obstacle Racing:

In collaboration with World Obstacle, Spartan has been driving the Olympic roadmap for the past 12 years to support the longevity of OCR around the world – offering a sport for all ages, of all abilities. As OCR takes giant steps towards inclusion in the Modern Pentathlon discipline at the 2028 Olympics, 2023 will see the introduction of new formats to support the sport’s development.

The launch of the EUROPEAN SERIES and NORTH AMERICA SERIES in 2023 will further support the development of the sport and attract elite athletes from a variety of sporting backgrounds.


OCR World Championships award ceremony 2023 in Genk, Belgium

LT600PRO – With smartphone connection

Connect LT600PRO target to your smartphone for hit/miss information, round times, save and share your results with ease, and much more.

LT600PRO is your number one choice for races and continuous training. LT600PRO has adjustable features: 50 second timer (10, 15, 20, 25, … 50 sec), hit zone: 7 ring, 8 ring and 1 ring and hits 1-5 shot. You can also adjust the brightness of lights for indoor and outdoor settings.  The power source is opted for a rechargeable battery, power bank or mains connection. chargeable battery or main current.

LT600PRO Laser Hit/Miss Target | Ecoaims

LT600PRO target
LT600EXP target


The Ecoaims LT600EXP target is a large device with HIT and MISS detection, the difference between this target and the LT600 PRO is that it does not have any connection ports to work with the Ecoaims Result system or with the Ecoaims shooting app. The power source is opted for AA batteries, power bank or mains connection.

LT600EXP Hit Miss target | Ecoaims


We call this the travel target. Thanks to its compact size, you can fit it inside the travel case together with your aiming device. The power source is opted for batteries, Power bank or mains connection, so you can basically train and race anywhere.

LT50EXP Laser Travel Target | Ecoaims

LT50EXP Travel Target

Ecoaims LT600PRO App:

This app takes your aim to another level! Use Ecoaims app – See live results and improve your aim.

ECOAIMS LT600 LaserRun -app is developed and managed by Ecoaims. Our love for the sport and eagerness to help athletes to improve their aim was our “fuel” for this creation.

Read more and download the app!