LT50EXP Laser Travel Target

LT50EXP Laser Travel Target

  • Compact size laser travel target,

  • LED hit indicators.
  • Training mode or 5-hit mode.
  • Product number E01414A.
  • Designed and produced in Finland by Ecoaims.

Technical data

  • UIPM homologated, works with current UIPM approved laser pistols.
  • Compact size: 10x10x3cm, fits in medium case with pistols.
  • Hit area diameter 5,95cm. Separate front plate reduces hit area to ø3cm, enabling training at 5m distance.
  • Tripod mount.
  • 5 LED brightness levels.
  • Power options: AAA or Power Bank or Mains *Cable provided, but USB plug sold separate or purcahsed locally)
  • Replaceable AAA batteries
  • USB - cable, does not include plug.

Two available modes:

  • Training mode: green LED flashes upon hit
  • Pentathlon mode: 5 hit counter / 50 second timer.

Bigger target front plate for printing and cutting: download here.