LT600EXP Hit Miss target

LT600EXP Hit Miss target

The Ecoaims LT600EXP is UIPM certified & homologated laser hit/miss target.

  • UIPM certified & UIPM Homologated.
  • Required hits can be altered between 1 – 5.
  • Use with Power Bank, Batteries or Mains.
  • Built in Tri-pod attachment.
  • 3 points for stable hanging if needed.
  • Self standing if set on a flat surface.
  • Comes with its own case.
  • Custom Laser Marking possible
  • Designed and produced in Finland by Ecoaims.
  • Adjustable LED brightness for outside and inside use.
  • 50 second timer begins upon first hit in black or white area.
  • Hit zone can be changed from normal black hit area to full face of target for first time users.
  • Product number E01426A.

LT600PRO Laser hit/miss target

The difference between LT600EXP target and the LT600PRO target?

  • LT600PRO works with the Ecoaims LT600 phone app.
  • LT600EXP does not have any connection ports to work with the Ecoaims Result system.

Read more why you might want to upgrade to LT600PRO Laser Hit/Miss target: LT600PRO Laser Hit/Miss Target (Smartphone compatible) | Ecoaims

Technical data

Parts included in LT600EXP set E01426A:

  • 1 pce E01417 LT600EXP hit/miss target.
  • 1 pce E00319A USB cable, A - mini B.
  • 1 pce 60840 Quick manual LT600EXP.
  • 1 pce E01246A Protective case.

Note: USB power source not included in package.