Ecoaims Ambassadors: Gustav Karonen (SWE)

”By this point, you already know that we are all about supporting athletes to reach their goals. Now we are launching this article series to both promote and celebrate Ecoaims ambassadors, sponsored by us.

In this series, we will delve into the journeys of these exceptional individuals, exploring their paths to success, the challenges they’ve overcome, and how our support has played a role in their achievements. Stay tuned as we shine a spotlight on the people who embody the spirit of Ecoaims and inspire us all with their dedication, perseverance, and passion for their sport.”

Tuomas Taskinen
Marketing Coordinator
Ecoaims Oy

”Hello! My name is Gustav Karonen

and I´m a Swedish biathlete and skier who recently got the privilege to try the Ecoaims biathlon set. I have been skiing for as long as I can remember, but when I started skiing in my local sports association, about 3 years ago, I caught my eyes on the sport of biathlon, and I absolutely loved it!

Simultaneously as I started my skiing career, I played a lot of badminton. It was for very long my favorite sport, but I unfortunately had to quit in April 2023 because of a knee injury. However, the decision to quit opened new doors for me and I started training skiing and biathlon more frequently.

The first big success in biathlon came 4 months after quitting badminton. I finished third in the sprint at the Swedish championships, which meant that I got my first championship medal. I was very happy, and that was the moment when I first got in touch with Tuomas and Jeremy over at Ecoaims. They have been very welcoming to me and taught me on how to use the rifle properly.

I have had the set for about half a year, and it has helped me in better understanding my shooting and why I sometimes miss my rounds. It has helped me to improve my shooting in both prone and standing, and I now feel much more confident that I will hit my shots rather than feeling nervous every time I ski onto the shooting range.

For me that is one of the most important parts in becoming very good at biathlon. The kit is also extremely user friendly which is a good because now I can let my friends and even my younger sister shoot with the rifle.”

– Gustav Karonen / 6-2024