World-Class Biathlon Medalist Makes Better Athletes with Ecoaims Technology


The best thing about Ecoaims is that it helps you to understand shooting so much better.”, says Tord Wiksten.

It’s safe to say that Tord possesses a fair bit of expertise in shooting. He enjoyed a highly successful career in Biathlon, even earning various high level medals throughout the years; Tord Wiksten.

“1992 was one of the best moments of my life. But I can’t say the best because a few years later I got married”, Tord laughs.

Interestingly, despite his success, Wiksten’s marksmanship skills were not at their current level. This was due to the fact that he had never tried Ecoaims rifle. It was not until 1997 that he bought one.

“It had to do with the sponsors. I organized Biathlon shooting sessions to companies staff with Ecoaims rifle.”

It turned out to be a success. The companies that sponsored Tord were delighted by the promotional returns they received from their investment.

“They said to me: Tord, we want to give you more money, but we also want you to buy three more rifles enabling you to participate in customer events and annual gatherings for the company’s employees.”


That’s how my business started, I began to do customer events instead of begging money from the sponsors.

Today Tord runs an event company specializing in team building and coaching biathlon shooting and skiing. Tord Wiksten Events has business locations in Östersunds and Örebro. He is also an Ecoaims reseller who has sold nearly every product that Ecoaims has ever offered. He specializes in camera-based Ecoaims biathlon products. The same rifle-camera duo helped him improve as a shooter during his career.

“It was a big, big step forward for me. My coaches had been telling me for ten years how important it is to squeeze the trigger. But still I did not understand, I only thought I was squeezing the trigger. With Ecoaims I was able to see on the screen how much I was moving the rifle everytime I pulled the trigger. I realized that I have to change something.”

Today Tord is helping shooters with the same method.

“When I teach people how to shoot, they say yes, yes, but they are not listening. The only way to make them listen is to show their mistakes on the screen. And with Ecoaims I can do that, thanks to the camera-based equipment.”

Ecoaims rifle is easy to use also in big events where hundreds of customers want to try shooting.

”With Ecoaims everything is set up. I don´t have to calibrate much.”

Tord wants to give all the people the possibility to try shooting. With Ecoaims it’s possible.

“It´s hard to find shooting ranges in southern Sweden and you don’t want to drive an hour from Stockholm just to go shooting. Luckily with Ecoaims rifle you don’t need much space, so you can practice shooting anywhere.“

With more than two decades of experience working with Ecoaims products, Tord has nothing but praise for the company.

”Our cooperation is perfect: Ecoaims is quick to deliver and to answer my questions. My customers expect to get the delivery in 4-5 weeks but Ecoaims makes it most of the time in one week. That is amazing! And my customers are happy because they can start shooting three weeks earlier than expected. Ecoaims is developing their products and services all the time and they really listen to the customers and try to solve every issue they can.”

When it comes to development, Tord has lots of visions. Right now he is working on a project he calls running and shooting.

“We will do running and shooting events for people all over Sweden. It’s so much easier than biathlon because you don’t need snow and skies. When people fall in love with running and shooting they will want to try biathlon, bicycling and shooting, swimming and shooting and canoeing and shooting. We have already organized competitions in canoeing and shooting.”