New to Ecoaims? You may ask:

Are there Ecoaims products that fit my training?

We have solutions various sports and audiences:

  • For casual & leisure hobbyists
  • For Competitive precision shooting sports
  • For Para- and visually impaired shooting sports
  • For Biathlon training (IBU approved camera-based biathlon rifles)
  • For officers, government agencies, cadets, law-enforcement and safety professionals
  • For Modern Pentathlon training and competing (UIPM homologated and approved products)
  • For Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) training and competing (World Obstacle federation and Spartan approved)

How does Ecoaims help my training?

Our Laser based products:

  • Enable you to train almost anywhere at any time
  • Great and affordable way to train for many sports
  • Give you instant feedback whether you hit or miss your shots
  • Fit to great variety of sports and activities. You can combine laser shooting to almost any activity

Ecoaims Laser Pistols and targets

Our Camera-based products:

  • Give instant feedback and show you the exact hit location.
  • Train almost anywhere at any time
  • Enable you to see and replay you aiming pattern
  • Give you the most information possible on how to improve your aiming and performance on competitions

Ecoaims Biathlon Sets

The difference between Ecoaims laser- and optical camera-based products?

Laser based products

1. Laser target is ready to register hit or miss

2. Athlete aims the pistol and pulls the trigger

3. Pistol’s laser beam hits the target

4. Target register the laser beam as either hit or mis

* With LT600PRO target you can view, save, and share your hit data and results directly via Ecoaims LT600PRO App

Camera based products

1. Camera target emits infra-red (IR) light

2. Athlete aims the rifle and pulls the trigger

3. IR light gets registered by rifles image sensor

4. Image sensor registers the exact hit location

5. Aiming pattern and hit location data are transferred to E-Di3 Display device for to be reviewed

Elevate your game: