LT600 Laser Hit/Miss Target

LT600 Laser Hit/Miss Target

  • UIPM certified.
  • 50 second timer begins upon first hit in black or white area.
  • ECOAIMS LT600 LaserRun is available for Android and iOS.
  • Product number E01245A.
  • Designed and produced in Finland by Ecoaims.

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Technical data

Target used at the World Laser Run Championships 2018 in Ireland.
    • Clock activated with a hit or a miss.
    • UIPM Certified.
    • Adjustable 50 second timer (10, 15, 20, 25, ... 50 sec).
    • Adjustable Hit zone: 7 ring, 8 ring and 1 ring.
    • Adjustable hits: 1-5 shot.
    • Brightness of lights is adjustable (inside-outside).
    • Rechargeable battery, run time up to 16 hours.
    • Tripod mount.
    • Training mode option - shooting without timer (Hit and Miss).
    • Works with Ecoaims display lights DL400.
    • Works with Navistreet display lights (with special cable).
    • Works with Ecoaims start button LB100.
    • Competition mode where one target can act as main target and change all targets to match it.
    • All of the above Adjustments and functions of the target can be made on the target itself.
    • ECOAIMS LT600 LaserRun is available for Android and iOS.
Parts included in set E01245A:
  • 1 pce E01215 LT600 hit/miss target.
  • 1 pce E00319A USB cable, A - mini B.
  • 1 pce E01247A Quick manual LT600.
  • 1 pce E01246A Protective case.
  • 1 pce 60336 Bluetooth module.
Note: USB power source not included in package.