Modern Pentathlon Champion Kate French: “Ecoaims is Essential to My Career”

Kate French loves her Ecoaims laser products

The intertwined path of Kate French, the champion in modern pentathlon, and Ecoaims laser pistols began in the early 2010s.

A modification in the pentathlon regulations ahead of the London 2012 led to Kate’s decision to transition to Ecoaims. Prior to this change, pentathlon shooting had traditionally utilized air pistols, but they were subsequently replaced by laser pistols.

My journey with pistols in pentathlon took an interesting turn when the sport transitioned to laser shooting. Initially, I was quite attached to my old Steyr air pistol, which had been a reliable companion. However, when I gave Ecoaims a try, it immediately felt like a familiar fit.”, Kate says.

When Kate decided to go with Ecoaims she wanted a pistol that she could tailor to her unique needs, allowing her to fine-tune it for maximum performance and reliability.

“The resemblance to my old Steyr, coupled with the flexibility to customise important aspects of the pistol setup, made Ecoaims the perfect choice for me. It provided the consistency and precision I needed to excel in the shooting discipline of modern pentathlon. Ecoaims has proven to be a dependable and essential part of my career. It’s safe to say that I wouldn’t trade my Ecoaims pistol for anything else – it’s become an integral and trusted tool in my pursuit of excellence in pentathlon.”, Kate says.

In modern pentathlon running and shooting disciplines are combined into laser run.

Kate uses Ecoaims PP700EXP laser pistol for competition and training.

“I have a silver and new blue one which I like a lot! I also have LT600PRO laser hit and miss target which I can also connect to my phone to see where my shots are going in training. This feature elevates my training, transforming it into a valuable tool for improvement rather than just a traditional hit-and-miss target.”

Kate says that Ecoaims has helped improve her performance by instilling a profound sense of confidence in her equipment.

“Knowing that I can rely on my pistol’s consistency and precision is so important. Ecoaims has also allowed me to tailor my pistol setup to match my exact preferences. This customisation not only improves my comfort and handling but also ensures that I can achieve the best possible results.”

She describes her overall experience with Ecoaims and our staff with the word “exceptional”.

“The products are fantastic and have significantly improved my performance in modern pentathlon. The staff have been supportive and responsive, addressing any questions or concerns promptly. I appreciate the dedication to excellence in both the product and the service provided, making my journey with Ecoaims a positive and successful one.”

Kate has also done taster sessions with a set of PP320EXP laser pistols and LT600PRO targets in schools and team-building events for companies.

“These initiatives have been fantastic, as they allowed me to introduce the sport of modern pentathlon to the next generation of athletes. It’s been a great experience to witness their enthusiasm and potential”, she says.

“These events also allowed people in the workplace to step out of their usual work routines, have some fun, and experience the skill and mindset required to shoot accurately at speed under pressure. It provides an opportunity for colleagues to get to know each other better in a different, more relaxed environment.”, she ads.

There have been, and there will be, big changes in the rules of modern pentathlon. The new 90-minute format has been tested in summer 2023 and will soon make it’s debut. The shorter version of the sport will involve an equestrian leg lasting 20 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of fencing, 10 minutes of swimming and 15 minutes for the laser run – with breaks between events.

“The introduction of the 90-minute format has definitely brought some changes to the way I approach each event. The compressed schedule has made transitions between disciplines more intense, and there’s a new level of pressure to perform efficiently to make the top 18 final with as much left in the tank as possible.”, Kate says.

Even bigger change will take place after the 2024, Equestrian will be replaced by obstacle race. How does it change the sport?

“The replacement of horse riding with obstacle racing marks a significant and dramatic change in the sport. Personally, I am very fond of the traditional horse riding discipline, so it’s been challenging to witness such a radical transformation. As for adding value to the sport, I’m not entirely convinced about the change at this moment. It feels like a big shift, but I’m curious to see how the sport evolves with obstacles in the mix and whether it has a lasting impact. I hope that this change will bring something positive for the next generation of athletes at least, but only time will tell.”, Kate thinks.

“I believe that the laser run will remain one of the most influential disciplines in modern pentathlon. In this context, having the best laser pistol, like Ecoaims, is crucial. The precision and performance of equipment will be paramount.”, she ads.

As a modern pentathlete Kate has to be very good in five different sports. How does she manage her time between all those five?

“Balancing five different disciplines can be a real challenge. Typically, my weeks have a consistent structure, but I also incorporate dedicated blocks of training for specific disciplines. For example, I might focus on one or two of the disciplines during a specific period, then shift my attention to another discipline in the following block. Training for five disciplines is essentially a full-time commitment. It involves careful scheduling, effective time management, and a lot of hard work.”

In addition to full time training as a professional athlete, Kate co-owns a property management company with her husband.

“While my husband mainly runs the company himself, I enjoy contributing when I have free time.“

Believe it or not, she still finds time for hobbies too.

“I love to travel and explore new places, often in the countryside on foot with the dog too! And when I am allowed outside of competition season I love to hit the slopes, can’t beat being in the snowy mountains with blue skies!”