VIS500 aiming device set

VIS500 aiming device set

  • WSPS (IPC) and IBSA approved.
  • IR target LED included.
  • Product number E00801A.
  • Designed and produced in Finland by Ecoaims.

WSPS (IPC) and IBSA approved VIS500 aiming device was developed and tested in cooperation with visually impaired athletes. It is a camera sensor based device that can be attached to the dove tail rail of an air rifle and allows visually impaired athletes to shoot and aim, guided by sound.

Installation is fairly simple: an infrared LED (included in package) is placed about 60 mm right below the target centre, and the air rifle is zeroed in on the target, compensating for the position and distance between the centre of the target and the IR LED. The infrared signal of the LED is detected by the camera sensor within the aiming device, and transformed into an audio signal. As the aim approaches the centre, the pitch of the audio signal becomes exponentially higher. In proximity of the centre, the audio signal becomes intermittent. The curve of the pitch and the proximity border for the intermittent audio signal are adjustable, allowing to aim very precisely. The accuracy of the VIS500 is better than +/- 0.25mm accuracy at a 10 meter distance.

The VIS500 aiming device can be used together with our PC shooting software, allowing to visualize the aiming lines and hits on a computer screen. This is very useful for training and coaching.

The VIS500 has a rechargeable battery, the infrared target LED is powered via USB. Headphones or speakers can be connected via a standard 3,5 mm audio jack, the volume is adjustable. We recommend the use of sound proofed earphones with no amplifier.

Please note that the VIS500 is specked for air rifles only.

Technical data

IPC and IBSA approved aiming device for air rifles.

IR target LED included.

You can verify VIS500 combability to your air rifle:

(A list of 100% suitable air rifles is also coming to the website.)

Please note: Headphones not included.

Parts included in set E00801A:

  • 1 pce E00800A VIS500 aiming device for visually impaired athletes.
  • 1 pce E00804A IR target LED, mounted on magnetic rail, powered via USB.
  • 1 pce 60327 3,5 mm audio lead with volume control.
  • 1 pce 60521 USB power supply, including plugs for EU, UK, US, AU sockets (type C, G, A, O).
  • 1 pce E00319A USB cable, A - mini B.
  • 1 pce E00500A Medium size pistol case, interior dimensions 44x19x8 cm.
  • 1 pce E00725A User manual, English.