Ecoaims optical shooting software

Ecoaims optical shooting software

For Windows PC’s (Win XP or newer), including USB radio dongle, shows aiming lines, hits and misses and scores.

Compatible with CBR500 biathlon rifles, ELP-10 optical pistols and P-3E pistols (Ecoaims camera sensor based devices.)

Not compatible with laser-products.

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How about a dedicated all-in-one display device with all the functions?

Check out EDI-3 Display device: E-Di3 display unit | Ecoaims


With Ecoaims PC software you can see and replay aiming pattern of each shot, analyze your performance and in result improve your aiming. Just connect the included radio transmitter to your PC’s USB port, pair your Ecoaims camera based optical product and start training!


  • See and your precise aiming pattern, time between each shot, and where your shots landed.
  • Replay all of your previous rounds shot by shot.
  • Switch between modes: Biathlon Stand, Biathlon prone, Time penalty shooting, Speed, Increasing difficulty, ISSF Shooting, Pentathlon, and Training Shooting.
  • You can also modify the setting of each mode: target area size, required shot count, series count, time penalty for misses, target LED brightness, and much more.

Are you looking for a set with dedicated display device?

E-DI3 Display Device

Technical data

For Windows PC’s (Win XP or newer), including USB radio dongle.

Product number E00671A.