Biathlon rifle set (with Heavy Duty Target and Ecoaims Display)

Biathlon rifle set (with Heavy Duty Target and Ecoaims Display)

  • Wooden stock.
  • E-Di 3 display unit.
  • Rechargeable targets TAR-100/30L and ELT630.
  • Product number E00734A.
  • Designed and produced in Finland by Ecoaims.

This set comes with the Ecoaims E-DI3 display. It’s pretty awesome.

With this rechargeable battery-powered device, you can:

  1. See, save, and revisit your aiming pattern with shot times.
  2. Switch between different modes, such as Biathlon Prone and Biathlon Standing.
  3. Modify settings for your shooting, set penalty times, hit limits, shot counts, series count, sound signals, and much more.

The display connects to your rifle via a wireless radio connection and to the target via a cable, allowing you to start training instantly!

The best thing about Ecoaims is that it helps you to understand shooting so much better.”

Read the whole article to see what Tord Wiksten has to say about using Ecoaims products to help and train Biathletes to become better shooters.

It’s safe to say that Tord possesses a fair bit of expertise in shooting. He enjoyed a highly successful career in Biathlon, even earning various high level medals throughout the years.

Today Tord is helping shooters with Ecoaims products.

“When I teach people how to shoot, they say yes, yes, but they are not listening. The only way to make them listen is to show their mistakes on the screen. And with Ecoaims I can do that, thanks to the camera-based equipment.”

Ecoaims rifle is easy to use also in big events where hundreds of customers want to try shooting.

”With Ecoaims everything is set up. I don´t have to calibrate much.”

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Technical data

Equipped with left and right reload function.

Parts included in set E00734A:

  • 1 pce E00672A CBR500 optical rifle unit, left and right hand reload function, rechargeable via mini USB.
  • 1 pce E00708A Wooden stock for CBR500, varnished.
  • 1 pce E00223A Diopter sights.
  • 1 pce E00424A E-Di 3 display unit, rechargeable.
  • 1 pce E00711A TAR-100/30L, electronic target, 1 x 30 mm spot, rechargeable via mini USB.
  • 1 pce E01298A ELT630 biathlon target, 5 x 30 mm spots, rechargeable lead batteries (12 V).
  • 1 pair E00510A Legs for ELT630 target.
  • 1 pce E00710B Target control cable for ELT630 and E-Di3 or PC software, for outdoor use.
  • 1 pce E01345A Power supply unit for ELT630, 12 V.
  • 1 pce 60273 Power supply unit,  12 V 1,6A 19W for E-Di3.
  • 1 pce 60521 USB power supply, including plugs for EU, UK, US, AU sockets (type C, G, A, O).
  • 1 pce E00319A USB cable, A - mini B.
  • 1 pce E00503A Medium size rifle case, interior dimensions 117,5x29x12 cm, with push & pull locks.
  • 1 pce E00725A User manual, English.