Obstacle Racer Michael Christensen Thanks Ecoaims Laser Pistol Accuracy


“Since Ecoaims is the primary laser gun used at obstacle racing championships, it’s super relevant to use the exact product seen on race day.”, says Michael Christensen, an obstacle racer, charity worker and police officer.

Back in his military days Michael was also a modern pentathlete.

“I was actually a Danish champion. Pentathlon is in many ways similar to OCR and, I guess, the reason I was attracted to it when OCR became a thing.”

Michael commenced his obstacle racing career in 2013. He has participated in World Championships, European competitions, and other major OCR events. He also takes on the role of coaching fellow obstacle racers.


Michael enjoys obstacle racing because it requires being a ‘hybrid athlete’ to succeed.

“You need to be good in more than one dimension, and in several areas of fitness. You must be strong and have great cardio. You need to be light enough to run a 15 km, but heavy enough to lift a 80 kg atlas stone. That’s what fascinates me.”

“In that regard it’s also super transferable to my job as police officer, where one needs to possess several attributes and strengths.”, he adds.

OCR takes Michael to interesting places. When I tried to contact him some time ago he replied.

“I’m in Dallas, Texas right now, getting ready to compete in World’s Toughest Mudder and afterwards some work-wise stuff.”

In 2014, Michael established a charity project named OCR Charity Warrior, dedicated to raising funds for charitable causes by organizing a range of OCR events.

“I teach OCR and host events and races. I have raised 1,5 million danish kr for charity so far.  The money goes for children suffering various and often terminal illnesses”, Michael explains.”

“Ecoaims laser pistols add versatility in my charity events making my money raising effort more attractive and exclusive for participants.”, Michael says.

Laser shooting was introduced in Obstacle Race approximately five years ago, first in Spartan Race, later at European Championships.

Since then Ecoaims has played a pivotal role in the sport.

“As a result, there has been an increasing demand for workshops featuring Ecoaims laser guns. I incorporate them into smaller workshops ahead of major championships and consistently include them in OCR events and races throughout the year. Notably, every event, race, and workshop I host contributes to raising funds for charity.”

“If you are in any sports where shooting is an element, Ecoaims is amazing – a must.”, Michael adds.

Two aspects of Ecoaims laser guns that Michael particularly cherishes are their remarkable accuracy and enduring performance.

“They have been extensively used in all weather conditions and continue to function perfectly.”

Remarkably, Michael balances his extensive involvement in obstacle racing, charity work, and coaching with his day job as a police officer. He underscores that Ecoaims guns serve as valuable tools in his police duties, facilitating shooting practice and offering educational benefits as an instructor.

“Ecoaims offers me a chance to practice at home. I´m more accurate on race day and have a better aim as a police officer.”