Ecoaims provides targets to UIPM Biathle and Triathle & Laser-Run World Championships

Ecoaims LT600PRO ”The little target that does a lot”

Global laser pistol and target expert Ecoaims has been busy in Portugal while providing targets to UIPM Biathle and Triathle World Championships in Madeira as well as the The Laser-Run World Championships in Lisbon.

Triathle is a competition where athletes compete in a shoot-swim-run competition. The Ecoaims targets are at the focal point of the Triathle and Laser Run competitions. Ecoaims also provides live data for athletes and TV graphics throughout the competition.

Both World Championships used the Ecoaims LT600PRO target were successful in providing instant data for live UIPM TV as well as live data to smart phones.

”Our Wifi system with live data was a hit with coaches and athletes for training, competition and final results. Not many were yet aware that our LT600PRO target could do so many things. We have created a little target that very resourceful.” – Jeremy Johnson, VP of Sales and Marketing of Ecoaims.

Read more about smartphone compatible LT600PRO Laser Hit/Miss target:

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Ecoaims has extensive experience as a target service provider

Ecoaims is a long-term product manufacturer and operator in the field of optical precision sports. Company distributes products in more than 60 countries from its headquarter Liperi, Finland.

Ecoaims has been organizing events with laser products since 2010 and have also been working directly with Biathlon events at all levels since 1979.

“With the help of innovative technology, we strive to develop the competitive and recreational activities of precision sports to be environmentally friendly, high-quality, cost-effective and safe.” – Jeremy Johnson, Ecoaims

Ecoaims works directly with enthusiasts, competitors, coaches and other professionals to create new, exciting precision sports experiences.

“We are involved in organizing international competition events up to the World Championships and Olympic level. If you are in the shooting sports come and visit us at racing venues or at our offices in Finland. We are happy to familiarize you with our popular pistols and targets that can be tested on our model range. Feel free to contact us for more information.” – Jeremy Johnson, Ecoaims

Kurvinen family companies is a solid and growing group of family companies employing around 40 experts, which is organizing international competition events up to the Olympic level. Our company’s values are continuity, responsibility and innovation as well as working together and succeeding together. The Kurvinen family companies include Ecoaims, which develops and manufactures electronic precision sport systems and services, and Biathlon Target System Kurvinen, which specializes in biathlon target and range systems. In addition, Myllyn Koneistus, which offers machining services, is an essential part of the Kurvinen family companies.