BRU-10 optical barrel replacement unit set

BRU-10 optical barrel replacement unit set

  • For various air pistol brands.
  • PC Software.
  • TAR-170/60V plug-in target.
  • Product code E00421A.
  • Designed and produced in Finland by Ecoaims

Technical data

Please specify the air pistol's brand and model.

Parts included in set E00421A:

  • 1 pce E00400A BRU-10 barrel replacement unit.
  • 1 pce E00671A Ecoaims optical shooting software, downloadable online, for Windows PC's (Win 7 or more recent), including USB radio dongle.
  • 1 pce E00704A TAR-170/60V, passive electronic target, powered via mini USB.
  • 1 pce 60228 USB power supply, including plugs for EU, UK, US, AU sockets (type C, G, A, O).
  • 1 pce E00319A USB cable, A - mini B.
  • 1 pce E00044A Large size pistol case, interior dimensions 46,5x37x10,5 cm.
  • 1 pce E00725A User manual, English.
  • (Air pistol not included in set.)