Visually impaired shooting

Ecoaims E-BSS

The Ecoaims E-BSS shooting system is designed and built for visually impaired biathlon based on their needs. The same system is used for both practice and competitions. The system is officially approved by the IPC (International Paralympic Committee) and it is used, for example, in World Cup competitions, in Paralympics, and naturally, in heavy training. Hearing enacts as a sight in this shooting. The system is also used by many associations for the visually impaired and other parties already in several countries.

Since the Salt Lake City Paralympics in 2002, the E-BSS system has been used in all IPC World Cup, IPC World Championships and Paralympic competitions for the visually impaired biathlon.

The Ecoaims E-BSS suits outstandingly also for individual use!

Ecoaims VIS500

The Ecoaims VIS500 is an audio aiming device that allows visually impaired athletes to use air rifles in sports shooting. The VIS500 utilises the same camera based technology as the E-BSS and other Ecoaims camera products. An infrared LED is placed above the target and registered by the camera module within the aiming device. The distance between the IR light source and the center of the target is compensated for in the zeroing of the rifle. The aiming device produces an audio signal that changes in pitch and intensity as the aim approaches the center of the target.

The Ecoaims VIS500 aiming device is approved by the International Blind Sport Federation IBSA for use in competition.