Laser shooting

Ecoaims manufactures laser pistols and targets for use in modern pentathlon competitions. They are homologated according to the standards of the International Modern Pentathlon Union (UIPM).

Modern Pentathlon consists of five different sports: fencing, swimming, horse riding, pistol shooting and running. Last two are a combined event, where athletes shoot four times and run 3,2km.

Below is a short description of contents of the sports, you can find more detailed information from the website of the International Modern Pentathlon Union (UIPM).

  1. Fencing - Electric épee is used, and all competitors meet each other once. The competition lasts 60 seconds at maximum, and first to hit is the winner.
  2. Swimming - Swimming competition is 200 meters, free-style.
  3. Riding - The riding event is a show jumping event. Horses are appointed to the athletes by a draw, and each athlete receives his/hers horse only 20 minutes before the competition. The riding course is 350-400 meters long, and has 12 obstacles.
  4. Combined - During the combined event, athletes run 3200 meters and stop four times for shooting. The first shooting takes place immediately after the start, competitors run laps of 800 meters in between each of the following shootings. At each shooting, they have 50 seconds time and unlimited shots to clear five targets, before they can continue running. The combined event is held as a pursuit, where athletes start the competition in the order based on the points they got in fencing, swimming and riding. The first athlete to cross the finish line wins the pentathlon competition.