Camera based optical shooting

Ecoaims is a truly safe and environmentally friendly shooting sports, Ecoaims is bulletless and noiseless. Ecoaims suits for all ages and levels from top athletes to amateurs.

Technology and principle

The technology behind Ecoaims products is based on optronics as used also in cameras. When aiming at the target, the camera sensor built into the Ecoaims unit registers the infrared LED built into the center of the target, and calculates the aiming point based on its coordinates.

This information is transmitted to a separate display unit or PC. The athlete can see a graphical visualization of the aiming line, impact and point score on the display in real time. The system is intended for shooting over a distance of 10 meters, but programmed in a way that shooting over a shorter distance will be scaled down automatically.

Ecoaims has manufactured optical shooting systems based on infrared light sources and camera sensors since 1995. Our main user groups are sports and hunting clubs and corporate and private customers worldwide.The Ecoaims system has been used at the paralympic winter games since 2002 in visually impaired biathlon and has thus been tested in demanding conditions.

Ecoaims is suited perfectly for both competitive and recreational athletes. Shooting training requires thousands of shots and repetitions. Since Ecoaims functions without ammunition, the running costs are virtually inexistant.

Ecoaims allows athletes of all ages to take part in shooting training, it is completely safe and requires no gun permits. Ecoaims offers a wide range of product packages for sport-, hunting and leisure shooting.


The shooting system of the new generation is environmentally safe and completely safe for both users and their environment. Its use does not create any noise or lead/soil pollution. As there are no laser rays in the camera based system, it poses no danger whatsoever to its users or other people standing nearby, and can not be disturbed by outsiders. The system enables its users to hold competitions in places it would otherwise be imposible. Any athlete can train to shoot eg. in their own living room.

Precision pistol shooting

The display unit or PC software visualises and stores the aiming line and shows the hits and scores. The system aids and gives technical support in training.

Biathlon training

Ecoaims rifle packages are a great tool for biathlon shooting practice. The athlete can complete a high number of shots at a small expense, as there is no need to purchase life ammunition when using the Ecoaims system. Shooting trainings can be held anywhere, anytime, without the need to travel to a shooting range, eg. in gyms and on sports fields, training camps, at home, etc.


Ecoaims manufactures a moving target, the so called moose range for hunters. It works without wires and is easy to set up and move.


Ecoaims makes it easy to organise safe recreational shooting events, eg. for corporate recreational purposes. It is easy to set up, first time users quickly get accustomed to it and offers a lot of fun in many places and events.