60329 Rifle rest, 3 heights

60329 Rifle rest

Three different heights.

300013 Eyeshade

300013 Eye shade

Eyeshade for diopter sight.

300191 Two sided eyeshade

300191 Two sided eye shade

Eye shade for Anschütz diopters, covers both eyes.

E00028B Walther Top Point II Red dot sight

Walther Top Point II red dot sight

  • Compatible with CBR-500 rifle units and P3-E and P3-E L pistols.
  • Product number E00028B
E00503A 1640CISY Rifle case M

E00503A Medium size rifle case

Interior dimensions 117.5×29×12cm, with push & pull locks.

E00708A Wooden stock for CBR500, varnished

E00708A Wooden stock for CBR500

Clear varnish, please verify time of delivery before your order.

CBR500 composite stock

E00682A Composite stock for CBR500

Including hand support. Please indicate desired color with order.

E00045B Rear diopter sight

E00223A Diopter sights

Front and rear sight included.

E00319B USB cable A - mini B

E00319B USB cable

A – mini B.

60521 USB power supply

USB power supply, 5V, 10A

5V 500 mA USB USB power supply. Including plugs for EU, UK, US, AU sockets (type C, G, A, O).

E00031A Power supply 12V 600mA

60273 Power supply unit 12 V 1,6A 19W

Virtalaite, 12 VDC 600 mA.

E00759A Balancing weights for composite stock

E00759A Balancing weights for composite stock

1 set includes 10 discs of 50g each = 500g in total. Max. possible balancing weight on composite stocks is 2 sets = 1000g.